Listed here are CDs of various production music libraries. These are not for any particular film, TV or radio features.

Amphibious Zoo

Amphonic Music Limited - Sound Stage

APM Collection

APM Music

Apple Trax

Music Beyond

Blazed Out Music

BMG Atmosphere Music

BMG Production Music - RCA Label

BMG Production Music - Score Music Series

BOBA Music (Bosworth & Co.)

Bonanza Music Library

Brandon D'Amore Productions

Bruton Music Limited

Carlin Production Music

Carlin Production Music - Archive Series


CDM Music Library

Chappell Recorded Music Library

Cinemusic - music by Jack Shaindlin

Connect Music Library

Corner Stone Cues


The Cues Library

The Ded Good Music Library

Dennis Music

de Wolfe music limited

de Wolfe music limited - Commercial Breaks Series

de Wolfe music limited - The Millenium Series

de Wolfe music limited - DW-USA

Directors Cuts (Extreme Music)


Dreamworks/SKG Music

DSM Producers - All American Composers Library

EA Music Library

Elias Arts

Extreme Music - The X-Series

Extreme Music - Q-Series (produced by Quincy Jones, in Q-shaped plastic housing)

Extreme Music - Twisted

Faber Music

Final Score Music


FirstCom - EVO

5 Alarm Music

Focus Music

Fox Music Publishing

Future World Music


Gotee Music Publishing



Hudson Record Company (de Wolfe Music Group)


Killer Tracks

Koka Media

KPM Music (I know the links aren't working - need time to edit the list)

KPM - Juice Music

KPM 1000 LP Series - available only online, all from lossless WAV files

Manhattan Production Music


Master Source

Media Ventures


MGM Music Publishing

Moments Music LTD

Music House

Network Music

New Line Cinema

NFL Films


Non-Stop Music Library

Off the Shelf Music

Ole Georg Music (OGM Production Music) - The Premium Line

Ole Georg Music (OGM Production Music) - The Professional Line


Opus 1

Paramount Pictures

Parry Music Library

Playground Hollywood

Position Music

Power House Music Library

Primrose Music

Producers Music Library


Reliable Source Music

Rouge Music Limited

The Scene

SEE Music

Selected Sound


Sonic Librarian

Sonoton Recorded Music Library

Sony Pictures

Spectrum Voyage

Tone Row Music

TRX Music



Warner Bros.

West One

The Who Did That Music? Library

Wild Whirled Music

Zone Music

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